Obstruction of Justice

I’m a big fan of obstruction of justice. In fact, I am a beneficiary of obstruction of justice. I have done things for which I deserve eternal damnation. Where it not for obstruction of justice, I would be spending eternity in hell.

I am thankful beyond belief that Jesus has obstructed the justice I deserve. By his death and resurrection and my faith in Him, I not only escape the penalty of hell but receive the glorious benefit of life eternal with Him.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking I deserve good things instead of the justice I, in fact, deserve. It’s easy to complain when it rains for several days when others have bigger houses, nicer vacations or faster cars. I have, and will forever have, so much more than I deserve. In addition to providing me with much more than I deserve for eternity, God gives me glimpses of His glory now, that I don’t deserve. I see snatches of his beauty in the world in which He has placed me. Rainy weeks are followed by days of glorious beauty. He has hinted at his great love in the hugs of kids and the touches of loved ones. We sample His goodness in the loving sacrifice of his people and the faithfulness of His children. 

It’s amusing to consider that the common belief is that we can somehow obstruct justice. Eventual and eternal judgment is only in the hands of God and only He will administer it. Our attempts are at best futile and comical.  “Obstruction of Justice” got to love it.

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