October is my favorite month. It has much to do with the weather. The heavy heat of summer is finally pierced by cooler, drier, crisper weather. The leaves are changing and falling. The weeds have stopped taking over my yard. The weather brings football, fresh television programming, and gumbo.  Life is good.

It’s harvest time. I grew up in Crowley and October brought the Rice Festival. We walked the crowded streets, enjoyed the rides at the fair, and watched or marched in parades. I remember 1959 when Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy came. I was ten.  He was running for president and she wowed the audience by speaking in French. I will never forget the line of black limos in which they blew in and out-of-town.

I think Jesus will come back in October. This is not based on some careful study of the books of Daniel or Revelation. It’s just my gut feeling based on the harvest-like nature of the month. He won’t come in limos nor will he leave as quickly as he arrives. For some, it will be a time of great joy. For others, not so much. It will be harvest time when the wheat and chaff will be separated. I don’t know if it will be this October, but the possibility should make us even more determined to share the possibility, it’s importance and finality. It’s amazing that with all the communication marvels of the age, that there are still so many who haven’t really heard.

October ends with Halloween. I’m not a big fan. It’s become such a big “holiday.” It wasn’t such a big deal when I was a kid. It was fun, but not a big deal. It ends my favorite month with a grim reminder that Satan is still “god” of this world. Maybe this will be the last year that he is. Maybe this will be the last Halloween and the most glorious October ever.

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