Precious Christmas Gifts

I know that gifts are an overemphasized aspect of Christmas. They often are a response to a sense of obligation, but they can also reflect pure love. I was certainly blessed this year. My wife once again did her best to upgrade my wardrobe. Those rare times I look okay, it’s because of her. She’s a love. 

We pull names in our family. My daughter moaned when she pulled mine. Turns out I am the one nobody wants to get.  I buy things before anyone can buy them for me. I managed to do that this year, buying a fitness tracker when the one my daughter ordered for a gift was en route from Amazon. Hers was mucb nicer than the one I bought for myself, but she returned it and responded beautifully with a great alternative. I hope she has the bad luck of pulling my name again next year. 

My grand daughter Sammie painted the above for Rosemary and me. She told us the darkness represents a dark world. The heart figures are Rose and I as protectors of the family from the darkness. The light inside with the cross reflects Jesus who is our light, our center and our true protection.  Thanks Sammie, a poet and an artist. Jesus is the reason for the season and a perfect center for a gift. 

I pray that your Christmas was as touching and blessed as mine. I just don’t see how. 

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