For the first time in many years I cut my grass yesterday. Earlier in the week my yard guy retired and I decided to take up the task myself. It was hot and dusty and great. There was great satisfaction in seeing an unruly lawn transform into something neat. Besides, the smell of cut grass is great. I suspect it won’t be as rewarding in late August, but we’ll see.

My usual job is pretty much like most jobs these days. There isn’t much chance to see something produced. I mostly push paper, not even so much paper these days as emails and pdf files. It’s rare that I can see something I did and can be proud of.

This year in addition to our usual spring flower planting, we planted a small vegetable garden. It has been fascinating to see the plants produce. We were intended to maintain the earth and to produce. Modern life has stolen some of that from us.

I didn’t cut the grass alone. My grandson helped. He finished up what I started and I sat in a rocker on the porch and watch the great young man he is becoming. It’s a different kind of production, but it’s perhaps even more sweet. I know that some plant and some water and some gather in the harvest, but God is great enough to allow us, at least on occasion to see some production from what we do. It keeps us motivated and hopeful and that’s a great thing.

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