Radicals have gotten a bad name. The Muslim radical terrorists are mostly responsible for this. Their murdering of innocents in the name of Allah is headline-garnering stuff. It’s made it easy to say that radicalism is bad and moderation is the way to go. It fits in with our general feeling that “moderation in all things” is best. 

Moderation is clearly the way to go in eating, drinking, exercise, and maybe in politics. Moderation is politically and socially correct. Moderation leaves room for other things.

There is just no place for moderation in following Jesus. Jesus was a radical. So are his true followers. The words in red in Scripture call for a radical faith and following. The life of Jesus was in no way moderate; in every way radical. Lukewarmness calls for vomiting. Divided loyalties are condemned. There is no room for Sabbath only religion. The tithe concept that ten percent is God’s is replaced by everything is His.  Jesus radically died, not in a destructive suicide, but in a life-giving sacrifice.

Jesus’ radicalism is far different from Muslim radicalism. It’s mind-blowing that anyone would give their lives to a philosophy of hate and death. It’s incredible that we can’t generate that level of commitment to a life of love. It’s disturbing to see how

It’s disturbing to see how hate generates hate. Check out the response of “Christians” to the wave of terrorism. The response is generally hate. There is nothing wrong with defending ourselves, even with deadly force. It’s the cultivating of hate our hearts that’s non-Christian. In this dark world, a loving life generates interest, fascination and eventually conversion and discipleship.

Radical love doesn’t mean warm and fuzzy inaction. It means confronting sin. It means sharing Jesus. It means insisting that Jesus is the only way in the face of hateful political correctness. It means loving in the face of hate.

We need to be as radical as the terrorist, as willing to give our lives as they are. It’s more courageous to live for Christ than to die for Allah. We don’t act and sacrifice to gain, but to respond to something that’s already been given. 

Let’s show the world what radical love is. Let’s show them Jesus.

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