Receiving Yourself in the Fires of Sorrow

. . . what shall I say? ’Father, save Me from this hour’? But for this purpose I came to this hour. ’Father, glorify Your name’ —John 12:27-28

We ask God to “make us, mold us.” He does so in the fires of sorrow. We should not seek to avoid sorrow, but seek the protection of our Savior in sorrow.
Our Lord received Himself, accepting His position and realizing His purpose, in the midst of the fire of sorrow. He was saved not from the hour, but out of the hour.
Sorrow is one of the biggest facts in life, and there is no use in saying it should not be. Sin, sorrow, and suffering are, and it is not for us to say that God has made a mistake in allowing them.
If we honestly trace our spiritual growth, we find the periods of true growth were periods of sorrow. When times are good, we assume they are so because of something we did. When times are ordinary, we do not see the forming hand of God at work.
Oh Lord, we know in our life there will be sorrow. Bless us with the knowledge of your active presence in those times and do mold and shape us into what You would have us be. We know that in being fully yours is full blessing.
In Jesus’ Name.

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