Royal Wedding – Devotional for Saturday, April 30, 2011

For the last few days it seems the world has dropped what it should be doing to watch a wedding. Now, I’m not much of a wedding person so I may be more mystified than most people. Even I have to admit this story has it all. Handsome price, beautiful princess, seemingly in love, really nice people, a million show up outside the castle. Lots of interesting elements. Why are we so interested? Do we all love a good story or fairy tale? Does the darkness inside of us not really believe it is all as sweet as it seems? The public seems to grab at any tiny piece of dirt. Are our own lives not the fairy tale we once dreamed they would be? Is it because it’s English. Some of us love anything English, whether it’s the accents or the sitcoms. I don’t have enough training in psychology or sociology to answer these questions. But I do have to write something on today’s blog so I have some thoughts.
There is something attractive about a story that takes us up and away from our daily lives. It seems to me that is what Christ intended for each of his children. Here we are less than commoners and the King of the Universe sweeps down and rescues us and makes us princes and princesses. And He promises a Wedding Feast that will make this week’s pale. If we understand and play out the story, the world will be captivated and want to know more. Oh sure, there will be some who are jealous or just mean. They will grab at any piece of dirt to prove to themselves that the story isn’t true. We have an obligation to minimize their chances to do that. We have a duty to explain we have been blessed and that it isn’t that we are deserving but that He is good. And explain the good news that they are called to be princes and princesses too. 
Good luck to the newlyweds. If I had access to them I think I would say, “Sometime I have a story to tell you.”
Be blessed.

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