Running the race

The Christian life is often compared to a race, but it’s not exactly like the races with which we, as sport’s fans, are familiar. For example, in track and field the most important thing is to get a good start. But in the Christian life, the focus is on the strong finish. 

Typically, the purpose of the race is to finish first. The Christian goal is to finish well. We are to finish strong, but we are also to know when it’s time to pass the baton to the next runner.

For Christians, finishing first isn’t the purpose. It’s running with love. That’s how the great crowd of spectators knows who you are, because of your love. The whole purpose is for others to know who your coach is and to join His team.

Yesterday, we closed a segment of Debbie and Terrell Reed’s race. Well done. Terrell loved to talk about his life before Jesus. He didn’t start well. He finished strong. He and Debbie knew when it was time to pass the baton. But most importantly they knew the purpose of the race was to run in love.

When my son died suddenly a few years ago, Rose and I were attending a “good” church. The attendance was growing. They had lots of programs for just about everyone. The preacher preached a good sermon. But when Jason died, the Pastor never came or called. He was out of town when it happened, but we never heard from him when he returned. It dawned on us that was not how church was suppose to be. We began the search for another.

In the life of Amana thus far, you couldn’t have a splinter removed without the pastor’s presence. Yesterday the continuing theme was love. From the board to the kids, everyone expressed the impact of having been the beneficiaries of agape love. That starts at the top.

Nice segment Terrell and  Debbie and a good pass of the baton. But I hear running shoes coming up from behind. God’s going to hand you a new baton. Be ready to make a clean grab. The race isn’t over yet.

God doesn’t have enough good runners. He’s not about to waste any of his champions.

Be blessed.


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