Seed Time

I am amazed by what’s happening in my yard this summer. I can almost watch the grass grow. I have weeds higher than my knees. It’s just too hot and wet to get out there and tackle the problem. 

Back in the spring, I had glorious ideas about a summer garden. I planted seeds in seeding containers. I reconstructed my raised beds and filled them with garden soil. By the time my seedlings were ready to transplant, it had gotten too hot to do it. All I have are very fertile and empty raised beds. The workings of nature are a dramatic lesson.

Jesus often used seeds, plantings, and harvests as illustrations in His teachings. We reap what we sow. The time for planting is limited and critical. We want to seed in the spiritual and not in the natural. One day we will have to explain our plantings and take a hard look at our harvests.

I marvel at how limited our time is to seed in the lives of others. My children have long grown and gone. My grandkids are not far behind. My great grands are growing fast and my chances to affect them are minimal. 

Other people come in and out of my life so rapidly that I seldom seem to have a chance to impact their lives. I have to be more alert and responsive to opportunities that fly by. There is still some seed time remaining but not a lot and what’s left is fading fast. Fall will be here before we know it.

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