Senseless Killing

An off-duty police officer is shot down while investigating a suspicious circumstance. A young child dies in her home when a drunk drive runs way off the road trying to run from an accident. These can only be described as senseless killings. Senseless killing is on the rise. Nearly twice as many Christians died for their faith in the past year than in 2012, according to Open Doors International’s 2014 World Watch List.

We should not make the mistake of being comfortable in our lives. We can’t think that we can put off anything. It’s foolish to put off the important to deal with what is pressing. We can’t plan to someday, spend more time with family, enjoy the wonder and beauty of the world God placed us in, or share eternal truths.

God has ways of reminding us that our time is limited. As we age, our bodies don’t work as well and start to weaken and collapse. The closer we come to our end, time speeds up. Senseless killing is just another way that God reminds us that we need to do what needs to be done and we need to do it now.

We should honor officers who die heroes. We should more and pray for families that lose little ones way too soon. We should remember and pray for those whose faith makes them a target for an early death. We should also make those senseless killings more meaningful by learning the lesson of the uncertainty of the future and the shrinking of opportunities.

Do what’s important and do it now.

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