September 23, 2017

Something really big was supposed to happen yesterday. If it did, I missed it. Lots of the so-called “Prophesy” teachers agreed. Some said it was the “end of the world.” Most were less definitive, hinting it might be the rapture or a really big disaster. Guess they were covering their bases if nothing happened. They pointed to the recent hurricanes and earthquakes or signs in the heavens or their personal insights into the Books of Daniel or Revelations. Some made money off of all this. I’m really sick of these guys.

First of all, please be clear. I do believe in the soon return of Jesus and the rapture. I was even disappointed that it didn’t happen yesterday. I also believe Jesus when He told us no man knows the date. I agree the world is getting really bad and that we haven’t seen the end of really bad things even maybe nuclear destruction.

These “prophets” are telling us we should “get ready” and “tell others.” Well, shouldn’t we be doing that anyway? Shouldn’t we live lives that make us ready at any time to be giving an explanation to our Lord? I don’t know when the world will end but the end of my world isn’t that far away. I’m 68 years old. Like many before me, I hope the rapture happens before my personal end, but I shouldn’t bet on it. 

These “prophets” spend tons of time and energy on their main interest and not much in making disciples or loving each other. The things that they predicted didn’t happen yesterday, but lots of things did. Millions died without Jesus. Hurricane and earthquake victims remained homeless. Children died of starvation. Most of the world dreamed of lives that we complain about. 

I am angry at those who divert others from the mission we are all called to. I am upset about the unloved strangers, unfed starving, and unvisited prisoners. I am also angry at the guy in the mirror who didn’t spend yesterday meeting those needs either. I spent the day in my recliner watching football with one eye on the news, in case the “prophets” turned out to be right.

It’s foolish to spend time trying to figure out when the clock will run out instead of doing all that we can before it does. I’m just as foolish as the next guy.  September 23, 2017, turned out to be just another day when important things weren’t done. That’s really sad. I hope I’ll do better with the days I’ve got left.

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