Simple Talk – Devotional for Monday, June 27, 2011

Brother Lawrence is considered the great teacher and practitioner of the Practice of the Presence of God. Yet His advice is not complex or deep but simple and straight forwarded. For example, his primary advice for practicing the presence of God is to speak with Him continually, referring all we do to Him. Having been granted entrance into the Holy of Holies without representation. It is obvious that we should exercise this privilege freely. Speaking to God at all times reminds us of His presence and gives that presence the honor it is due. But even more respectful than speaking to Him is listening to Him. The greatest honor we can give another is to listen to him. It is a skill we all could use more of in dealing with our fellow man; all the more so in communing with God. Surely what He has to say is of more importance that anything we might utter.  Our words are unlikely to change much but His can change everything. How much time do we spend quietly listening to our God? Not enough.
Brother Lawrence said we ought to act with God in the greatest simplicity, speaking to Him frankly and plainly, and imploring His assistance in our affairs just as they happen. God never failed to grant it, as Brother Lawrence had often experienced. When Jesus taught us to speak to God, to pray, He taught us simple words. I guess we believe that since God is so big and awesome that we ought to use big words with Him. This is, of course, foolish. Further, God already knows our thoughts and our words before we utter them. So simplicity of speech when communing with God is not for His sake but for ours. We need to plainly understanding what it is we are telling the Creator of the Universe when we take advantage of the privilege of speaking to Him. 
Getting into the habit of speaking to God concerning what is happening now is great advice for keeping us on track. We tend to let things add up before we go to God. We wait until we have wandered far off the track before looking to our GPS. (God’s Presence Sensor). If we keep that turned on and referred to it frequently we do ourselves a great favor.

Want to practice the presence of God? Listen to Him and speak simply and continuously to Him of everything in your life.


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