Sin and Sin Residue

So you have shut up and shut out. Your heart is steady and your question to God is open-ended and limited to today. Still nothing. It’s as if the sky were made of lead. You are hearing nothing. Maybe your problem is sin and sin residue.

“Of course, that’s my problem. Isn’t it everyone’s problem?” You reply. Certainly, sin is the problem. Sin, however, doesn’t keep God from hearing us. It wasn’t God who hid Himself from Adam and Eve in the garden. They went to hide.

If we don’t feel forgiven, if we can’t seem to forgive others, it can block out our communication with God. He hears us fine. We just can hear Him. The essence of sin is self focus. Sin is all about us. Hearing from God is all about God. Sin is about our control. Hearing from God is about believing that He has a better plan and control in his hands is the best idea.

Even if we put sin aside, confess and accept forgiveness, sin can leave ear plug residue. Sin puts us off the path, damages our relationships, limits our potential. When I spend hours working outside, sitting down and resting is great. I still need to wash away the dirt and grime, I’ve collected.

Sin can leave us with the notion that we don’t deserve to hear from God, that He we have blown His plan for us, that He has given up on us. Sin can put us into patterns of self-control, self-focus and self-gratification. We can’t hear God’s instruction to crucify self, focus on others, carry out a mission.  Sin can make us deaf to the word God is speaking, because it isn’t the word we want to hear.

Forgive and accept forgiveness. Believe that God still has a purpose for you. Then the still small voice may be just loud enough for  you and me to hear.


NIck's been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

Nick’s been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

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