Sue Didn’t Call

31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8

There is no truth in Satan. It’s his nature. As Christians, we formerly had that nature, now we have the nature of Christ and all the truth that comes with it. But elements of untruth just seem to hang around and Satan clings to them to make, and keep, us useless. He drags untruth into every day life. Like this:

If your friend Sue usually calls every day and on Tuesday doesn’t call, the truth is just a call was not made. That’s the only truth. It doesn’t mean Sue no longer loves you or that she has died in an accident. It doesn’t mean that she’s angry about something you said to her. It doesn’t mean she is no longer your friend. It doesn’t mean she is telling everyone what an awful person you are and that you are now friendless. It doesn’t mean, you never should have been her  friend. It doesn’t mean, that you are the kind of person who can’t really have friends because you are so worthless. The only truth is Sue didn’t call.

Satan is really having fun now. Once you’re convinced that there is now a friendship crisis; the counterattack and planning session begins. Should you call Sue? Should you text her? Maybe you should work through your mutual friend Mary. You should probably call Mary and tell her how Sue has betrayed your friendship. Maybe Mary and you can have Sue murdered.

You think murder might be a bit too much. Sue is having an affair. That’s why she hasn’t called. Well,  she will never be happy with this other person. Who is this other person? At church she was talking with Joe. For heaven’s sake, Joe’s only been a widower for a year. You would think Sue would have better taste. Of course, after all these years you now know what kind of person Sue is. Just the type that would have an affair. You are not even that sad that they (Sue and Joe) are both going to burn in hell.

When Sue calls and says the battery died on her phone and she hopes you weren’t worried. You lie and say “of course not.” You know you either have try to explain to Sue why you are insane or more likely fall into a pit of despair knowing what a worthless friend you are and how you don’t deserve to have a friend like Sue. You plan how you should end the friendship.

Let’s review the truth, Sue didn’t call.







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