Super Sunday

It’s Superbowl Sunday. I could tell yesterday at the Super market where folks were filling their shopping carts with drinks and snacks and meats to grill. The streets of the nation will be quiet this evening around kickoff time. It’s kind of strange. I bet you could count on one hand the true fans of either the 49ers or the Ravens here in Lafayette. Even I, I will admit, will probably watch the game, after all it is the “super” bowl. 
I will enjoy the day but not because of the game. A trial I have been going through for months came to a quiet end this week. While I have been praying and struggling, God has been working. He has worked things out in a miraculous way that makes things, in the long run, better for me and for those I love.
What super thing is God doing in your life, while you just watch and pray? Perhaps the lost loved one you have all but given up on is being drawn to Jesus. Perhaps the broken relationship, the one that’s “beyond repair” is being quietly stitched back together by the hand of the almighty.
Perhaps the desperate finances or incurable medical situation is in His loving hands. 
Every day is super. Not because of what happens in a dome in New Orleans or, in fact,  because of anything we do. It’s super because of what He is doing, often quietly and almost always without thanks or acknowledgement. 
God is super. Today and every day.
Thank you Lord for all you are doing.
Be blessed.

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