The Gift of Unity

Satan desires disunity in the church. How do we fight that? We use the tools that God has given us.

According to Ephesians 4, he has given each of us a spiritual gift that is given to serve one another. He has given you a gift. He doesn’t just pull gifts out of the bag and toss them around.Your gift has been picked specifically for you and for your situation. 

Part of mature responsibility is to learn what our gift is. We do that through listening, prayer and acting out the urges from the Holy Spirit. We listen and we do. 

But why? The gifts are the glue of the body. They are what holds us together. They provide unity.  We have unity when we have a common purpose AND a role to play in bringing that purpose about. 

This means that pastors aren’t suppose to do everything. It also means that church staff is not suppose to do everything. The pastors are the shepherds, the equippers, the leaders, everyone else is a minister.  We are all to minister to one another.

There is a church that is incomplete without you and you are incomplete without that church. You do not have all that you need, all that is necessary for your growth in holiness. 

We serve! We just do the work of the ministry, whether that is setting up and cleaning up or visiting people in hospital or making meals or doing one-on-one discipleship, and we allow the Lord to reveal our strengths and open up opportunities. In your church you may find that you have teachers and evangelists, encouragers and discerners and servers and so many others. And that’s perfect because there are people who need to be served and people who lack discernment or people who are desperate for encouragement or people who need to respond to the gospel. The Lord has made it so that each of us has a gift designed to serve the people around us.

Get yourself in place and get to work.


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