The Little Red-Headed Girl

We wrapped up a really nice Thanksgiving by taking our granddaughter to see the Peanuts movie. It was a fun movie. There is a new red-headed girl in Charlie Brown’s class and Charlie Brown is in love. He wants to get the attention of the new red-headed girl. Of course, his attempts to impress are met with extreme frustration. It turns out that the new girl is perceptive enough to recognize Charlie Brown’s good qualities through his bumbling attempts to impress.

The dreams and desires of our youth don’t just slip away. I’m still trying to impress the little red-headed girl. I’ve met with varying success over the years. As the little red-headed girl gets older she’s tougher to impress.

Our lives become more complicated with age. Our motivations seem more complex and our goals more advanced. However, at some level we never really grow up. We are still at sixty-six chasing the dreams of our youth. Those dreams may be fame or fortune. We may want to be sports heroes or to make great financial success. Or maybe we just want to impress the cute little red-head we’ve loved for years.

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