The Old Man in the Baseball Cap

Don’t those old folks who drive around town at 2o miles under the speed limit and seem to be driving in slow motion really irritate  you. I have blown my horn at them. I have driven around them and given them the “You don’t own the road look.” It’s sometimes an old guy by himself. My wife and I noticed he always seems to be wearing a baseball cap. Often it seems to be some old woman who probably is on her way to Wal-Mart for no good reason Whether it’s a man or woman driving,  they have both hands on the wheel and eyes cemented on the road ahead. Sometimes its a couple. Does it really take two of them to drive? I have summarized these types as the “old man in the baseball cap.”

Yesterday while trying to deal with my stress filled day, some jerk blew his horn at me. It was all I could not to shoot him “the bird.” Later some guy pulled along side of me and berated me for several seconds before speeding down the road. I imagined following him, pulling him out of his car and giving him the spanking his mother failed to do. That three hundred pound weight lifter is lucky I’m the patient man who I am.

It was about that time that I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the man in the baseball cap and it was me. I have a backseat full of hats which I occasionally wear. Where did the time go? I have to drive carefully and pay attention to what I’m doing to do the stuff I need to do. I love it when my wife is with me. She reminds me when I miss a turn or start to go the longest way possible to our destination. Maybe I should mention I love driving with her. Surely, she already knows that.  I pray it’s a long time before one of us is driving alone and snarling traffic.

I’m now the old man in the baseball cap and yes, you young smart ass, I do own the road. Just like I did when I was your age. And just so you know it, I’m not going to stop my feeble efforts to change my world either. It may  take me a little longer to do, but I’ve got a lot more time than you might think. I have a buddy who still is crazy enough to believe I can do greater things than He did. It doesn’t matter that you don’t seem to believe it. I do and I’ve got some grandkids who deserve a world less jerk populated.

You big jerk. When’s the last time you had an accident? I’ll compare driving records any time.

Agree with this, or better yet disagree? I love to speak to small groups about the things I post. I can talk to your entire church or small group, your breakfast or supper club (do we still have those?)  . No charge of course, except the one I get out of doing it. However, if food is involved I will stay later. Email me, I dare you.


NIck's been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

Nick’s been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

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