The Tyranny Of Habit

We are under the power of our habits. Our lives are a conglomerate of repetitive acts. When we rise and go to bed, what we eat, where we work, if and where we go to church; all are not the result of independent thought but are just habit. Habits are fine if they are wisely chosen and personally developed. Most of our habits just happened. Is it any wonder that we find life boring, predictable and unexciting?

Our habits are not even original. They are formed by copying what we see others do. I’m not talking about others we admire, just others that we see from afar on television or in movies. We all seem to dress, talk and act alike. Sure we differ greatly on political or philosophical matters, but that’s just because we are copying the ideas and talking points of different groups of “leaders.”

We claim to be “followers” of Christ. Let’s check that out. What were the “habits” of Jesus? He had, such as, the habit of going off alone and spending time with His father. This habit was so unusual that it is repeatedly noted by the writers of the gospels. Most of what he did wasn’t copied from anyone. He owned nothing and had no place to lay his head. He hung around with the most notorious sinners, slammed the hypocrisy of church leadership, and chose his disciples from the least “qualified” men around. He wasn’t governed by artificial rules but by the mind and heart of his Father.

We need to mimic the habits of Jesus. We need to check in constantly with the Father for direction and strength. We need to develop life patterns, habits, based on God’s direction and stop copying, and worrying about what the world is doing. God created us as unique beings. Our habits need to reflect who we are in Christ and not who the world would like us to be.


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