The Unexpected

On my way to church Sunday morning I stopped at Waffle House for a quick breakfast. The unexpected happened. I found one of my tires was flat. I was dressed in my Sunday best and had promised my pastor I would be at church at 9 to do something. Thanks to a waitress and cook my tire was changed and I made it to church on time. I had coffee and left a very large tip instead of having breakfast as planned. Turns out all my tires needed changing so an $800 unexpected expense later I have a new set of tires. 

I have a doctor’s appointment today. I expect it to go fine. I have been taking my medicines as prescribed and watching my diet. But an errant finding during the exam could send my life in an unexpected direction.

At our house a wedding has been in the planning stages for weeks. Come November 3 we expect a wonderful day, but chances are it won’t turn out exactly as expected. Hopefully, the unexpected happenings won’t be too significant and awful but will be delightful and memorable.

The reality of the unexpected is what makes banks and insurance companies our biggest and most successful businesses.  We really don’t know what to expect each day. 

We tell young Christians that Jesus loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. We don’t often mention that He loves them so much He isn’t going to tell them the plan in advance. Just think how boring life would be if every day turned out exactly as expected. I guess the happiest folks are those who are expectant and excited about what’s around the next bend and look forward to the surprises of life. The sad ones are the ones who worry about what “might” happen and live in fear and dread. 

Something different is going to happen in your life today. In fact, you can make sure something different happens. Why not do that thing you have been wanting to do but have been putting off. Do it today. Invite that neighbor to church. Call up that person who has been on your mind. Mend that relationship that has fallen on bad times. Don’t miss a chance to tell, or even better, show someone you love them. It might turn out to be your last chance. 

Make someone else’s day a bit different and a lot better than they expected. Our ability to change course and smile while doing it is what makes life great.

Look forward to the unexpected and 

Be blessed.


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