The Voice of the Lord

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard the audible voice of the Lord directing me. When we read in scripture about the Lord “speaking” to  men we assume an audible voice was involved. I’m not so sure. When Abram was told by God to leave his home and go to a land the Lord would show him, was there an audible voice involved. I bet not. Imagine Abram explaining to his family that they should pack up and move to an undisclosed destination. It seems Abram was successful where he was and there wasn’t any rational reason to leave. He was dealing with a voice from a God that neither he nor his family was familiar with.

I think much more often God speaks to us in a still small voice. Sometimes it’s really not much more than a “feeling” that we should do a certain thing or head in a certain direction. It’s often accompanied by situation changes that close or open doors in our lives. Sometimes it’s just that our current situation feels uncomfortable or “not right.” I think hearing the voice of the Lord is an act of faith. If he spoke to us in clear audible language it wouldn’t take much faith to follow him. In fact, it would be down right foolish not to.

I think Abram is a good example. Note that he didn’t know exactly where he was to go. He just knew he was to leave his current location. Isn’t that the way it is most of the time with us. We are called to take a step, not knowing of sure where we are supposed to end up. We know that a journey starts with a single step. We must consider how many journeys we’ve missed out on because we wouldn’t take a step.

I recall once years ago I felt God was telling me to take an unusual route home. I took the different route. It turned out a good Christian woman was experience car trouble along that unusual route and I was able to assist. It makes me wonder what I have missed out on the many times I have dismissed such “words” or “leadings.”

If God is nudging you to do something different, maybe even something bold, why not take a chance and take a step. Could we all use an adventure with God? I know I could really use one.


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