The Walk

Life is a walk, for Christians a walk with God. Looking back on the long path of my walk, one characteristic predominates: faithfulness, not mine, but God’s. There has been much along the path: eleven years in the military without injury or fear, law school in my thirties, loss of a child, false allegations, challenges of all kind. Through it all my God has been faithful. My family has never gone hungry. I have enjoyed a beautiful family, faithful friends and a decent career. I have often wandered from the path, but God has stuck with me.

Looking around at where I am today on the path I have to wonder. Is this where I should be? Was this God’s plan A for me or are we on plan B or even Z? I have walked a long way, but should I have walked faster or even run? How many times have I been turned around or had to double back? Did I fully understand and appreciate all the beauty along the way ? Have I more often helped others or stepped on toes without thinking? Will my passing be remembered with smiles or frowns?

Looking ahead I can see challenging times. I know there is more for me to do, but I am unsure of exactly what or for how long. The path ahead will be different. It always is. There will be exciting surprises and times of boring one-fo0t-in-front-of-the-other. There will be new faces and familiar ones. The road will require more energy, wisdom and love than I have. Of one thing I am sure. My faithful God is already there. Able to supply all that I lack. Giving me the reason to walk on.

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