The Walking Dead

Zombie movies and television shows are the rage these days. Humans who walk about like robots without real purpose or life are pretty scary. What makes a horror movie really scary is that there has to be at least a possibility of the creature which is feared. 
Most of us have a real fear of being zombies. Of walking around without real purpose in a meaningless existence. This is scary because for many of us it’s true. In a way we are created that way: a bit incomplete with a hole in our soul. We are missing a vital part which only a relationship with God can supply. Folks try to fill that hole with lots of things, but nothing but Jesus really works. 
Sit for a while in any public place and you will, no doubt, spot some zombies, some walking dead. You can tell it from the vacant expressions in their faces as they hurry from place to place accomplishing nothing. 
In the horror movies, the zombies have the power to make others zombies, usually by biting them. In real life we have the power to save zombies from their horrible state. We introduce them to the one who can fill the hole in their souls.
The next time the walking dead comes up, use it as a opening for witnessing. Put some life into someone by putting Jesus in their life. 
Just don’t get bit.
Be blessed and bless others.

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