Traffic Gridlock

Road construction had most of south Lafayette in gridlock this morning. It took Nicky and I forever to make our errand rounds going far out of our normal routes at bumper to bumper speed.

It was a revelation. Areas that I normally race through crawled by. I was able to make a number of observations. Boy, we have a lot of people living here now. It was’t just the traffic. I noticed subdivisions and apartment complexes that I never realized existed. Cars were attempting to merge into the nearly stopped traffic from nearly every side street and drive way.

This is a prosperous area. Most of the many vehicles on the road were new and many were expensive. Almost all had a single driver. I suppose car pooling isn’t “in” or practical in this area.

Much of my travel time I was listening to David Jeremiah. He was discussing the economic signs of the end times: escalating technology, electronic commerce, the gap between the have and have nots. It was as if all around me I was provided visible proof of the truth of what he was saying as the expensive cars sat burning gas in traffic while the frustrated drives tapped on their smart phones or talked into them the old fashioned way trying to rearrange schedules devastated by the traffic gridlock.

We really need to slow down and take a look at what is going on around us. I was forced to do so today. It was disconcerning to see so many in a hurry and getting no where. What I saw was only comforting in the sense that the end is near. Not as comforting was the realization that there is so much left to be done, so many who need to hear.

When the traffic clears up we have work to do, trying to convince this world hurling toward the end to slow down and refocus.



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