I voted this morning. I usually vote in every election. This was not my favorite experience. In fact, it reminded me of the awful choice we had when Edwin Edwards and David Duke were our choices for governor. I don’t like either of the remaining candidates for governor or for Sheriff of Lafayette Parish for that matter. These races have featured disgusting mud-slinging on all sides. I ended up voting by holding my nose and selecting the least offensive, to me, candidate. If the polls are to be believed, no one I voted for will win anyway.

I guess this is the way it really should be. We can’t expect politicians to solve the problems we face or to lead us to the promised land. We don’t seem to select from our best and brightest when we go to the polls. I can see the same situation next year for the Presidential election. I have a favorite whom I would be proud to vote for. I just doubt he will still be in the race when November rolls around.  The system seems to chew up and spit out any good guys who dare to participate.

I hope if you are reading this you will go vote. I wish I could say more to motivate you to do so. We can’t just give up on the system just because it isn’t working as well as we would like. It’s not a great system, but still the best we have.

Let me suggest that when you are in the voting booth that you pray for the candidates as you pull the levers. I wouldn’t pray that your candidate wins, but that he, or she, has a God encounter that changes his life and gives us a chance for something good from government for a change. The good news is that the political advertisements should be over for now, at least for  while.


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