We waited for three hours last night for word on my grandson’s visit to the ER. It all turned out well but most of us are not very good at waiting. It seems like we are always waiting for something. The issue is what to do while waiting. Here are some thoughts.

  1. Don’t just wait. There’s often much we can do while waiting. Watching the clock is not a useful activity. We often say we are waiting on something, when it’s just an excuse for not doing all the things we really should be doing. Most of us have “smart phones.” We can check our email or read some scripture or maybe just turn it off and pray.
  2. Why.  Delays often have a purpose. A couple of weeks ago while I sat for 6 hours at the Lafayette airport. It occurred to me that sitting there might just be better than flying in bad weather.
  3. Encourage someone else.  Waiting seems so awful because it’s a time of self-concentration. Trying focusing on someone else. Look at what others are doing. Trying talking to them or even better listening.
  4. Trust God. Things happen in God’s perfect time. Just because we think something should be happening now, doesn’t mean it should. This is the easiest one to say and the hardest one to do.

Well I’m tired of waiting for my wife to get ready for church. Guess I’ll drive alone.

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