We are the Church – Devotional for Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The church isn’t a building or organization. The church is the body of believers. It spans many denominations, races and nations. 
Carefully considered, this is a pretty radical concept. It confers authority, and responsibility, to individuals. If we are unhappy with the state of “the church” we need to look in the mirror not at a priest, pastor, or other leader. If we believe the church should be doing a better job of being “salt” and “light, ” preserving what is good in the world and casting light into corners of darkness, we need to get salty and brighten up.
The church isn’t perfect, because it’s made up of imperfect humans. But it’s pretty good because it consists of individuals changed into new (and significantly better) creatures by their faith in Christ. And, by the way, it DOES NOT include everyone who calls themself a “Christian” or “Church Member.” We know who we are. We don’t get to vote on the membership of others, but He does.
Come on Church. Let’s get moving. There’s much to be done.
Be blessed.

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