What Happens When We Pray?

I attended Prayer Time last night at our church. I was much better after an hour of prayer than when I went in. It made me consider just what happens when we pray.

During our hour of prayer we spend a half hour praying alone and a half hour praying together.

1. Physical improvements. It has been demonstrated that our body gets better when we pray. Our blood pressure becomes more normal and our heart beat stabilizes to a better level.

2. Emotional improvements. We become more stable emotionally after just a few moments of praying. Anger and fears subside. A peaceful feeling emerges.

3. Perspective improves. There is something about getting quiet before the Lord. Gradually we begin to see things a bit differently. Maybe we begin to get some of His perspective. As we give thanks we realize every thing we have. As we consider who He is, we begin to see that He’s got this situation. As we remember our previous times of prayer, we remember how He has worked in the past.

4. It’s quiet. Just being in a quiet situation is a good thing. Our world is so noisy these days. Not only does quiet do us good. It’s just good in itself.

5. We listen. It seems when things are tough we spend more time worrying and talking to our selves. When we pray, if we are praying correctly, we spend more time listening than talking.

6. God speaks. If we can just be quiet, we can hear him. He really does answer prayer.

When we pray corporately more great things happen.

7. We hear from others. As we gather we benefit from the insights and the words others have received from God.

8. We are blessed with fellowship. I think we spend too much time alone these days. We communicate by electronics. There is blessing in being face to face with other believers. It is good to see and hear and touch them.

9. God’s presence becomes even more real. Remember He promised when two or three are gathered in my name, there He is.

10. We are encouraged. There is nothing like holding hands in a circle and hearing others cry out to the Lord and to pray in a language that the Spirit has given them to chase away fear and doubt and to build up courage within.

11. We are bound together. One of the most common supplications in group prayer is to “bind us together.” The mere act of praying together has that binding together effect.

12. We share. As we hear each others prayers, we learn a little more about their struggles. As we pray, others learn a bit more about us and our lives begin to meld together.

13. We increase in love. Nothing helps a relationship like praying together. There is truth in saying that the family that prays together stays together.

14. God moves. There is a spiritual principle that says that God is often waiting for us to take the first step. There are numerous examples in scripture of God moving with power after His people take the first step of faith. Praying is that first step.

15. We move. Pray before acting. But remember to act after praying. Praying is the first step. In it we are guided and encouraged to act. In the process we have come to know a little bit more about each other and our God. We have a bit more of His mind. We are a little closer to His heart.

Renewed, refreshed, encouraged, motivated, and blessed, we act.

Pray and be blessed. Pray together and be greatly blessed.


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