Worship and Listen

I have been critical of the modern church. It doesn’t resemble the church that Jesus called us to. It has divides that he did not create or envision, like the separation between paid and unpaid. It’s way too spectator oriented and designed to create individual kingdoms. It does, however, provide on a weekly basis opportunities which we should take complete advantage of.

Worship. There is something very special about group worship. It lifts the soul, encourages and comforts. It forces us to consider the two most important truths of our spiritual lives. Who God is and who we are. A little truth provided to both issues goes a long way in moving us forward. God is all-knowing, all-powerful, all just, yet all loving. Glorious inconsistencies to our human minds. We are weak, self-centered, in need of help and a savior. Only God can provide all we need. We need at least a weekly, though preferably daily reminder of these truths.

An Opportunity to Hear.  Here I’m not speaking only or even principally of the sermon. I am speaking of the spiritual silence that allows an opportunity to hear from God. When I go to bed at night I turn on Christian radio. It seems to feed my soul while I sleep. It occasionally goes off during the night and I turn it back on when I wake up. Which I do often at night. Last night as I turned over awake, I started to turn the music back on and it’s as if God said, leave it off for a while. I have something to say. He did.

We have far too few opportunities to hear from God. We need to take advantage of each one. Sunday morning should be one such time. So get ready for church. Go with an attitude of readiness to worship and to listen. You need it. I know I do. God doesn’t tell me to leave the radio off every night.

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