Wound Care – Devotional for Monday, March 28, 2011

We know that there are wounded in the church. The sources of the wounds are varied. Some were caused by the church, or by it’s members or by elements of an unloving world. The source is not as important as our willingness to care for the wounds. Caring for spiritual wounds is similar to caring for a natural wound.
The first step is to clean the wound. Much of the damage from wounds comes not from the original trauma but from the foreign bodies, the nasty stuff, that gets into the wound. In fact, most wounds will heal naturally. But if allowed to fester they become infected. Our spiritual wounds are the same way. We have to clean out all the stuff that has turned a slight into a life damaging situation.
After cleaning, a wound must be drained. For a spiritual wound that often means we have to :”talk out” all the hurt and pain and stuff we have allowed to grow in a wound. For those of us trying to help, that means being willing to be available and to listen and to love the hurt one unconditionally. 
Next we apply ointment, for us that’s the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. In the secular world there are folks that are paid to listen. They are professional listeners. The psychological profession has grown rich on paid listening. Proving that being listened to helps. But that profession doesn’t have the healing power of Word of God and the Holy Spirit that can provide the healing once the “infection” is gone. As a born again child of God we have that mighty tool.
Finally we cover the wound. During the healing process the wounded needs some protection. We need to shield those who are wounded until they are healed. We need the wisdom of God to know how long that protection is needed. We have to be careful that protection doesn’t become enabling. 
Be kind, for every person you meet is fighting a battle. Next to you, in front of you, behind you are people who look like they have everything together. But scratch the surface, and you may find someone facing a cancer recurrence, someone agonizing over a partner’s infidelity, someone fear the lose of employment.
Aways be ready to listen, to love and to help change the misaligned focus from self to a God who cares.
Be a blessing and be blessed.

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