Wednesday evening after services, Rose and I went to Yogurtland with Pastor T, Debbie and our grandson, Nicky. At this place you put together your own yogurt creation. There are a bunch of yogurt dispensers with a wide variety of flavors and a ton of different toppings.

It turns out I’m a pretty simple man. I selected one flavor and one topping. My companions were much more creative. I don’t know, mathematically, how many different combinations of toppings and yogurt is possible, but it has to be in the millions. 

I don’t think while we were there any two customers came up with the same finished product. Ain’t God something. While it is true that all of us can be basically divided into two groups: those who follow Jesus and those who don’t. It is also true that we are a complex variety of individuals of all shapes, sizes, colors, likes and dislikes. It’s what makes God’s creation so great.

Last night was the last night of the NBA Finals. I was cheering for San Antonio but Miami won. I’m sure some San Antonio fans didn’t sleep last night after the very close loss. I turned off the TV and went right to bed. While I was in favor of one team over the other, it wasn’t a life or death situation for me. I have only been to one NBA game in my life and it happened to be in San Antonio. Thus I am a Spurs fan. Yet I didn’t watch one regular season game all year. So I’m certainly not a fanatic. 

We are also so different. We are passionate on some subjects and merely interested on others. Some things keep us up at night and some things don’t bother us at all. Our lives are really like Yogurtland. The world is full of exciting combinations and choices. What seems great to one; seems awful to another. God didn’t have to give us all that variety. He could have made His world black and white instead of techicolor. He could have made one substance (maybe Manna) for food, one kind of plant, or bird, or insect.

He didn’t do that. He loves variety and He loves to present his children with wonderful and pleasant choices. Just think how great heaven will be: Yogurt Land on steroids.

Something to consider when you get to feeling bored or down. There really isn’t any reason. Is there?

Be blessed.


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