Recently I noticed an article “25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading.” Of course I read it to see if Nick’s Walk was listed. It wasn’t. It did make me realize how many Christian blogs, devotionals, and other material is available for study. There’s lots of competition out there.

It does raise a concern that we may become too focused on secondary sources and spend less time directly with the word. I think most of us are intimidated by scripture to some extent.   To that end I noted another article with some great tips for better bible study

I have modified them here and hope they help:

1. Study with other Christians. I am often amazed by the things I learn from the most unlikely of fellows. God once spoke through a donkey; don’t minimize the possibility he may speak through a brother. 

2. Ask for Holy Spirit guidance and come with an open mind and spirit. We often turned to scripture hoping to justify some position we want to be correct. 

3. The goal is not just information but transformation. 

4. Transformation comes with knowledge OF Him, not just ABOUT Him.

5. Don’t just get into the Word; get the Word into you.

6.  Keep godly commentators, your pastor, theologians, wise Christian friends as SECONDARY sources.

7. Keep in mind you probably don’t need more knowledge, you may just need more obedience to the knowledge you already have.

So I guess I’m saying read my blog less and scripture more. After all, I didn’t make the top twenty-five. Notice I didn’t give you a link to that article. 

Be blessed.


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