Practically everyone on Facebook is complaining. Significant changes appeared on the world’s most popular website on Thursday. It’s clear that most folks prefer the old and familiar to the new and innovative. Most Facebookers assumed that Facebook was just messing with them . . . Change for change sake. In fact, the internet changed forever yesterday. Some will “like” the changes, and why not. They will be able to watch media with friends and have their personal history compiled and displayed. They will know what their friends are watching, doing and saying online in real time. Some will hate having that much known about them. Facebook friends will “know” each other like never before. Privacy and intimacy will never be the same.

If you think I exaggerate, Wait and see. Two great perceived needs of man are about to collide: the need to be known and the fear of being truly known. We want to be known and loved. We think we won’t be loved if we are truly known so we filter what others know about us. Facebook intends to change all that.

Just think how you would feel if everything you did was known to everyone. Facebook won’t accomplish that, but will come close. Will friends run in fear from the site or embrace this new openness?

Here’s the question for us: Do we want everyone to know us intimately? If not, why not?

God already has what Facebook only dreams of: complete knowledge of what everyone is doing. How’s that working out for you?

Act right and be blessed. Someone is watching and soon He may not be the only one.


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