An Extraordinary Day

My posting is a bit late today – about 12 hours. Some days just don’t go as you plan. I normally write my posts between 3 and 5 in the morning. I didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning and Samantha had spent the night. When she spends the night, we go to Mel’s for breakfast. She likes the smiley face pancakes. Then my brother, who I promised not to name today, and I had projects to do. Then Nicky came over for his overnight. They I took Nicky and Sam to see “How to Train a Dragon.” Great movie. By now, it’s 4 in the afternoon.

Today, OC is discussing a higher state of mind and spiritual vision that can only be achieved through the higher practice of personal character. I feel completely inadequate to discuss a “higher practice of personal character.” 

I think we sometimes over-spiritualize such things. Sometimes a higher practice of personal character is as simple as spending time with people you love and letting them do as they want rather than doing what you would otherwise do: whether it’s having pancakes, or going to a movie or playing with your iphone.

I am reminded of the lessons of Extraordinary which is our Sunday night program. I have been working my way through the book. It’s lesson is that we are intended to live extraordinary lives… perhaps a higher state of mind and spiritual vision. The key is that we are not capable of that life on our own, but rather it is an operation of grace. I have been trying to be faithful to a practice of starting each day asking God to do what he will in my life. I think today was such a day. Time spent with my grandkids is extraordinary. 

One of the reasons I slept late was I figured Samantha would be sleeping late. When my eyes opened at 7:30, the first words I heard were hers; “I’ve been awake for 79 minutes.” In the presence of someone that eager to start her day, how could my day not be extraordinary and higher and



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