I’m better. My symptoms haven’t improved. In fact I think they are worse. I had a prescheduled  doctor appointment today. He told me it’s probably viral and what I was doing was about all that can be done. At least my blood pressure was great and my blood work was good.

I’m better in that I am better than others. I’ve had lots of folks supporting me. I’m not alone. I’m not fighting cancer or struggling with the loss of a loved one. I’m not hopeless wondering what life is all about or what would happen if I died today.
I have family are doing well. I got a visit from my grand daughter and Logan today. Watching him squeal with delight as he played with Rosemary was awesome.
 I have a church I love. I’m still making a living around many who are jobless. We still have time for a decent presidential candidate to emerge. Well, maybe that’s being a bit too optimistic.
I wonder why it’s so easy to focus on the few things that are not perfect about our lives instead of all the things that are really great. Look around maybe things are better than you think.

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