Our life situation is, in large part, a result of the choices we have made. When you think about it we face hundreds of choices each day: when to get out of bed, whether to go to work, what to eat for lunch, etc. We take the pressure off of having so many choices by forming habits. When faced with many of these choices we simply do what we always do. It takes the pressure off. Instead of thinking about whether we should brush our teeth each morning we just do it. Rather than thinking about whether we should go to work, we remember we have bills to pay and we go. Many of these habits are no big deal. In fact, they are necessary for the success of our lives. 
But many of our habits have placed us in danger of failing to get everything from life that God intended. Just for one day give a little more thought to each choice as you are faced with it. Before you do what you always do consider, just for a moment, if there isn’t a different choice that could be made, one that might advance the kingdom of God just a bit more than the habit you have fallen into. 
If life isn’t everything you would like it to be, try make just a few daily choices just a little differently. It could open up a whole new exciting and productive life for you.
Make a deliberate choice and 
Be blessed.

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