Church Alive in Acadiana

It’s been two weeks since I posted on this blog. Okay, I heard you, the guy in the back calling out, “Praise the Lord.” I agree. It’s been a great two weeks.

I had a chance to appear on a panel at Hope Alive’s Youth Group meeting last Wednesday night. We talked about the challenges youth have in finding summer jobs. It was a great experience for me and, I hope, helpful to all gathered.

My blog isn’t the only thing I have let slip. I have a “route” on which I distribute Covenant Spotlight magazines, the first of each month. I normally get it all done in one, or the most two days. I find myself on the 19th of the month with a handful still undelivered. The deliveries I have made have been fantastic. Sunday morning I decided to hit the churches on my list on my way to my home church. Normally I deliver on weekdays to empty buildings. Sunday morning I got to drop by at least a half-dozen churches. In most the worship team was preparing for the service. I witnessed a wide variety of music, environments, and people.

There was sameness to the sweet spirit of Sunday going to church time.

It’s popular to be down on the modern church. Sure there are problems, but I think the problems may be exaggerated by our limited perspective. In a matter of days I have seen youth on fire for God in what I remembered as a supermarket, Hope Alive. I saw elderly couples help each other out of cars and into Baptist churches that have blessed our communities for decades. I saw worship prep that looked like a rock concert was about to begin and preps that reminded me of the fifties.

The church is a motley crew. God loves each one. Should we do any less. Do yourself a favor. Visit a church that doesn’t seem like you. Go where the folks are younger or older than you. Try worshipping with believers with darker or lighter skin. It’s like a vacation. You will get a new perspective. You might be glad to get back home or you might decide it’s time to expand your horizons. The church is alive and well in Acadiana. Why not check it out?

Agree with this, or better yet disagree? I love to speak to small groups about the things I post. I can talk to your entire church or small group, your breakfast or supper club (do we still have those?).  No charge of course, except the one I get out of doing it. However, if food is involved I will stay later. Email me, I dare you.


NIck's been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.

Nick’s been an attorney for 34 years, served as a pastor and blogs almost daily.


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