I was not involved in sports as a kid. It just wasn’t our family thing. Perhaps because of that my kids weren’t involved either. We didn’t do soccer games, or little league or drop off kids at football practice. I say this to put last night’s dream in perspective. I dreamed that my four year old great grand daughter was showing promise as a runner and we were all acting as her coaches. In fact, she got to be pretty good and folks asked me what I did as a coach. This is what I love above dreams. I can be smarter and more daring in dreams than I am in real life. In my dream I told people: “All I do is stand past the finish line and call after her to ‘come here.'” 

We are all called to be coaches. There is even a job title now, “Life Coach.” I guess we are all called to be life coaches. It’s different from being a sports coach. We can’t claim a lack of experience. We have all played the game of life. It’s easy to think that a four year old doesn’t want to hear from a sixty-four year old. That’s just not true. We all have something valuable to share. Many of us have followed Christ for a long time. We have picked up things from our life experience that could really help someone younger. 

Lives are different and we can’t expect others to live life exactly as we have. But we can share things that worked and things that didn’t. We can tell about triumphs and failures. That requires that we be willing to admit that sometimes we failed. Wouldn’t you want those you love to be able to skip just some of the tough lessons you’ve learned? 

We can’t live the lives of those younger ones we love. Their path won’t be exactly the same. They will have different talents and challenges and run a different route. But we can stand past the finish line and cheer them on and call for them to “Come on.” 

Be a coach and be blessed.


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