Counting Change

Recently in Youngsville, a business was giving away its product. This wasn’t a marketing scheme or ownership gone mad. The electricity was out and the computer based cash register wasn’t working. There was access to the cash drawer but NO ONE WORKING AT THE TIME KNEW HOW TO MAKE CHANGE. So the business was giving away product. 

I realize that the use of cash is way down. I don’t carry a checkbook anymore and very little cash. I use my debit card for everything. It provides a record of my expenses and is very convenient. There is obviously less need for cash handling skills. Nonetheless, shouldn’t everyone be able to make change.To my generation, this isn’t complicated.  There are videos online explaining how to do this. Really? I know the “younger generation” isn’t stupid they can do lots of things I can’t.

It seems that because it’s a skill that isn’t often used, why teach it. Similarly, schools are no longer teaching kids to write in cursive. People don’t write much anymore by hand. When necessary, seems like printing produces a more readable product. I wish they had come up with this when I was in first grade. I will never forget getting “all As and a F in writing.” 

Are there other skills we used to take for granted that are no longer taught because they are rarely used?  Here are some:

Opening a door for a lady – too sexist.

Standing when a lady enters the room – too sexist.

Tipping your hat to a lady – too few hats, maybe too few ladies?

Saying grace before meals – too fundamentalist.

Eating meals at a table with the family – too Norman Rockwell.

Saying, “Yes, mam” and “Yes, sir.” Too sexist in one case. Too militaristic in the other?

Reading a book – I mean a real book not listening to one or reading one on a computer – What’s a book?

Tell people about Jesus? There are many ways to God. It’s a personal thing. It’s none of my business. It’s embarrassing. They can hear about Him on TV. 

There are lots of things we don’t do any more. I’m not sure the reasons are good enough. What say you?

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