Last night I watched the movie “Fireproof” on CMT.  It was great to see a movie promoting faith in Christ so directly on a television network. I had heard about the movie for years but had never seen it. Don’t know how I missed it but I had. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.
I won’t be a spoiler, but the movie is essentially about a man taking the 40 day “love dare” and experiencing God putting his life and marriage back together. 
The dynamic that struck me was what the wife, and I guess most folks, really want to see in a partner.  In the course of the film, the struggling husband slowly begins to display these characteristics. We want to be men of God and we want to be known as men of God. What does that require?
1. People need to see your faith. It’s much too common for folks, especially men, to believe that it’s important to be seen as self-reliant. The problem is we aren’t everything we need to be and can’t do everything, or even anything. on our own. It’s important that we are seen as relying on God.
2. People need to know your word is true. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s disturbing to see fathers make promises to their kids that will never be kept. It’s even more disturbing to see that interaction between husbands and wives. It’s foolish to no be truthful. We aren’t fooling anyone.  The truth is not always pleasant, but it’s often necessary. That’s not to say we need to feel free to say anything as long as it’s true. It does mean that when we do say something, it needs to be the truth.
3. People need to see your calm spirit. It’s not enough that folks know that you are placing your faith in God. They need to see that you are confident that He will come through. Panic spreads panic. We are not free or wise to cry “fire” in a crowded theatre. We are called to calmly show everyone the way out. 
If there is upset and concern in your world, you might be causing it by your lack of a demonstrated calm spirit.
4. People need to see  you pray. Apparently the most impressive thing about Jesus was His prayer life. The disciples didn’t ask Him to teach them to preach or perform miracles, but to pray. It is crucial that those we love realize that it’s not enough to know about God, we need to have a relationship with Him. By our frequent and relaxed conversation with God, we teach the availability of a real relationship with Him. There is no greater lesson we can pass on to those we love. 
By the end of Fireproof the lead character is showing these traits which arise from his new found faith in God. What do folks see when they look at us?
Be blessed.

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