From “I never knew you” to “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I think when I get to heaven I will be shocked at how simple it all was and how complicated I tried to make it. My only consolation will be that I made it and that I wasn’t the only one who made it seem harder than it should be. 

At times I have known in my head that it was simple, but I never let it stay that way. I would think things like, “Surely, there has to be more.” or “I don’t deserve it. I need to do something else.” 

From the words of Jesus I should know that it’s all about relationship with Him and what He did and does through me. It’s not about what I do or deserve. I know that when I recognize what He’s done that I am compelled to do things. I can’t stop myself, but it’s not those things that earn my way; they are just evidence of what he’s done.

What about when things are not so great? When I do things I am ashamed of. Those too aren’t important, for forgiveness and forgetfulness or right at hand. He knew all along I would fall. He died and planned for that from the beginning.

I read “I never knew you” and begin to doubt the relationship in which he has daily made himself known to me, intervened in my life and blessed me beyond measure. Why should I doubt?

I read “well done” and look on the filthy rags of my efforts forgetting that doing well means not achievement but knowledge and reliance and trust. What else do I have?

It’s really not far from “I never knew you” to “Well done.” It’s a short trip glancing back at the footprints we, he and I,  have left in the sands of my life. Mostly just His when He carried me.


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