God’s Pyramid Scheme

In the 70s, I was in the military and there was always a need for a few extra bucks. Lot’s of us got involved in Amway or Home Interiors. These were essential pyramid schemes. They sold pretty good products and you could get involved on different levels.

Customer – You could just like the products and buy them from friends who were distributors.

Distributor – You could become a distributor and get the products at a discount and just use them yourself.

Working Distributor – You could really distribute the products and make a profit on what you sold.

Enrolling Distributor – Some realized that there was more money in getting others to distribute product “under” you. You earned a percentage from what your recruited distributors sold.

Enrolling Enrolling Distributors – The real money was in enrolling distributors who enrolled others who enrolled others. That’s how the pyramid really grew and the money “rolled in.”

It’s a pretty good plan. In fact, God came up with it. It was Jesus’ plan to build His kingdom. We followers are really part of the original pyramid scheme. Okay “scheme” is a word with negative connotation Let’s just say pyramid plan. Most of us haven’t really learned that we are not called just to be customers. We are called to be enrolling enrolling distributors. 

We have a great product: Jesus and the new life He brings. Sadly most of us are satisfied just being Christians. Few of us even talk up the product or live lives that attract the attention of others who need the product as well.

Sometimes this is because we haven’t been taught just how great the product is. We are vaguely aware that it keeps us out of hell and that’s about it. If we are going to be successful as followers, we need to become distributors and enlist others. Even better we need to disciple those distributors so that they too see the benefit of distributing and enrolling others who are motivated to to grow the pyramid. 

This is a natural effect of really knowing the product. Get to know Jesus and all He is, all He does, how much He loves, what He really wants for us. He wants dedicated followers whose passion and desire is sharing Him with others and watching the Kingdom grow.

The rewards of the original pyramid scheme aren’t wealth or riches. We are called to see the benefits of changed lives and being a part of the kingdom, life as it was originally planned by a loving God for now and forever. Isn’t it time to not just join up, but to get fully involved?

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