He Can Shoulder Your Burdens

“Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks. Psalm 81:6

I suffered with my shoulders, particularly my left, for many months. When I would deal with a drive through window I could barely lift my arm to take the coffee, burger or health food. Okay, so no health food. I eventually couldn’t handle it any longer and went to the doctor. The doc is a friend so I trust his opinion very much. After two scary (to me) MRI procedures, my friend  recommended surgery on both shoulders. One at a time, of course. I had torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders.  After some prayer I decided to put off the surgery.

I would like to say being a man of great faith I rejected surgery in favor of faith healing. That would not be true. Something from my last surgery messed me up bad. I am not a friend of pain. I have a lot going on. Oh, and I guess God could heal it. I turned it over to God, sort of, and hoped for the best.

I applied the medication for pain my friend prescribed a couple of times. I continued taking over the counter stuff for a while and then just stopped. It was a while before I noticed that the shoulders didn’t hurt any more. One day it may be time for surgery, but apparently, now is not the time.

I believe God took the load from my shoulders. I just wish I had believed He would before He did. Got something you are shouldering and the burden is getting too much for you? Turn it over to God. Maybe you can do so with more confidence and faith than I did. Nevertheless, apparently all we need is a mustard seed worth. That’s all I had. It turns out that’s enough.



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