I have become irregular in my postings.  I think it’s because I’ve been so irritated. I find I am more easily irritated lately. I realize that there were plenty of obvious irritations recently, the elections, the effects of the flood which never seem to end, the heat, the humidity, the incredibly stupid fall television shows.

I am hoping when the election and summer heat is over and the cool of fall and the holidays arrive, everything will be better. I think I may be fooling myself.

For example, social media isn’t going to go away with a change in the seasons. I find social media is a great source of irritation: People who think that Hillary will be a swell president. People who think that Trump is great and not just the least offensive alternative. I am so sick of seeing posts that promise that “this changes everything” or “Hillary is done.” or “Trump is toast.” Even when the election is over I’ll have to hear how great and how awful whoever wins is.

Social media is populated by people who feel it’s a great idea to tell me to “share” if I love Jesus, support the police, or  hate the police, or love my family. It’s my policy never to repost something that tells me to share even if I’m in total agreement. I’m irritable that way.

I can’t tolerate people who share posts from four years ago about issues that have long been resolved. They tell me about lost kids who were long ago found and are not irritating adults. They tell me about battles that were over long ago. Doesn’t anyone check anything out before they post. People who think it’s fine to use the “f” word on social media or discuss their love lives, or their lack of a love life. People who think I want a picture of what they had for supper or that they are at the market to pick up something to make for supper. People who think I will enjoy pics of their pets or their kids. Okay so I do enjoy those, especially pics of my own grand and great grand kids, but I’m getting irritated just thinking about those other things.

I would get off of social media but with whom would I share my political insight or how I love Jesus, support the police and love my family. No one else cares about what I had for supper or that I’m in the parking lot of Albertson’s while my wife shops, speaking of irritation.

Perhaps being irritated is just a symptom of old age. Maybe I need to be more irritating. I think I’ll buy a baseball cap and drive slow in my new compact car and irritate those behind me just as I have been irritated by old farts in the past. Maybe I’ll post on Facebook pictures of those irritated drivers who finally pass me up.

I say what’s the fun if you can’t irritate someone? Hope you found this post irritating. Let me know if. you did. It’s no fun being irritating if you don’t know for sure that you are.

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