Just Chillin’

I have decided I need to take a day just chillin’. A few months ago I was feeling old, burned out and, well, retired. With much encouragement, like my Pastor reminding me that Moses was 80 when he stood before the burning bush, I have decided that life isn’t exactly over. These days I am so busy that I forgot that today was my first grandchild’s birthday. That is unacceptable. She’s my original grandchild that I spent fun days with and she’s about to give birth to my second great grand. I can’t be forgetting her birthday. I need to step back. Yesterday I spent the day in Baton Rouge for work. Tomorrow I have a day filled with depositions and meetings. But today I’m just chillin.

Here’s my plan. So far I have written two articles for the September issue of Covenant Spotlight. I am writing this blog. Then I’m going to take my morning swim, check my mail and get my wife some coffee. After that I am going with my wife, assuming the coffee is enough to get her up,  to a nursing home in Abbeville to fill in for my good friends who are on vacation and who faithfully minister at nursing homes. Then I’m going to have lunch with the birthday grandchild. Then I’ll spend the afternoon babysitting her daughter, my first and, so far favorite and for a few more days only, great-grandchild. Then I’ll bring her home and pick up my grandson and take him to youth group while I spend an hour praying at Amana and then an hour listening to our Pastor’s great teaching on Romans. After that I’ll come home and continue chillin by getting ready for tomorrow’s depositions.

See what I mean? It’s chillin’ day. Tomorrow it’s back to being busy, but for today. . . just chillin’. It’s what us old guys do. That 80 year-old Moses, he was a slacker. He needed 83-year-old Aaron just to help him annoy Pharaoh.


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