May I Be of Service?

I few months ago I was headed to church. I was all dressed up, which is rare for me. I was speaking that Sunday. I pulled into my usual breakfast place and noticed that I had a flat tire. Since my knee problems, I have a problem kneeling and being all dressed up was an issue as well.

One of the waitresses and one of the cooks noticed my problem and went out and changed the tire. Talk about service.

At the risk of showing my age,  I remember when “service” stations would pump your gas,  clean your windshield and  check your oil. Then we went to “full service” options. You could pay a few cents more per gallon and get full service or you could save a bit and pump the gas yourself.  I remember when you could go shopping and get “waited on.” Now you find the dressing room yourself and stand in line to check out.

I remember when you needed a service you thought of friends or folks at church who might be in the business of providing the service you required. Now we check on-line or believe the TV ads.

I miss getting full service, but I also miss being of service. There is blessing in serving and in being served. It’s great when you find out someone you know offers a service you need. Let me get the ball rolling and maybe we can change the way things are.

I started working on computers in 1969 if you have a computer problem let me know. If I can’t help I may know someone who can. I have practiced law since 1981. If you have a legal question, maybe I can help or tell  you someone who can. If you have a flat tire, there is a waitress and cook I know. Give me a call.


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