Meaning in Life

I love Dr. Ravi Zaharias. He is one of the finest apologists for the Christian faith. He can be a bit difficult to follow because of his accent and because he’s just so darn smart. When his teachings are broken down they are powerful. For example. he teaches that for meaning in life, We need:
  • Wonder
  • Truth
  • Love
  • Security
The wisdom of this teaching is obvious when we consider what happens if focus is on less than all four of these aspects.
Wonder – It’s truly sad to see someone who no longer wonders at God’s creation. Having grand kids and great grands, helps us to appreciate the wonder of creation. Not only are these young creatures wonderful, but it’s inspiring to see them discover and appreciate the wonder of our world. The can spend what seems like hours amazed by their toes or a simple object.
Consider, however, the danger of being blessed with only a sense of wonder. Such  folks seem happy but wander around in wonder, accomplishing nothing. Their wonder is not grounded in the truth of who created it, the love that made it possible, and the security that makes it eternal.
Truth – These days folks seem to celebrate personal or subjective truth. That seems great but it’s fake. There is absolute truth. What good is wonder if we don’t appreciate it’s source? What good is love if it doesn’t mirror the perfect unselfish love of the creator. What protection is security, if it isn’t real or eternal.
On the other hand, we all know those who are all about truth, but they don’t understand wonder,  or love or security. They are judges without grace. They will pound others with truth even when it’s not necessary or helpful.
Love – The day after Valentine’s Day it seems it’s all about love. Look on Facebook and see how folks love their spouses, kids, and dogs. If you look at all their postings, you may quickly discover they don’t love those with views other than their own, or different colored skin, or the lost.
What good is loving, if we aren’t willing to share the truth. How narrow is love; if a sense of wonder doesn’t give us reason to love all of creation? How fleeting is love, if we don’t experience it securely and eternally?
Security – There are those who have spent their lives storing up things, trying to achieve security. Real security is in knowing and trusting the Creator. How empty is security that ends at death? How worthless is security that only loves self? How foolish is security that isn’t based on the truth of the divine, made alive in us by faith in Christ?
Wonder, truth, love and security. All elements are found in just one place: in Christ. Can man live without God? He can exist; he just can’t really live.
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  1. Very nice Nick. The more we discover about the immeasurable expanse of the universe, the development of electronics, communication, the structure of the human body the more we should be reassured of the existence of a powerful God. We can’t see Him but we can’t see the air and the sound waves that travel in the air and the signals that come through and give us television and radio. But we feel the effects and I believe that is true of our communication with God. So the wonder of the unseen things as above that affect our lives reassures me of my belief in the existence, love and care of our God.

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