Nothing Like Face Time

I had a very enjoyable Monday. I got to spend some time with Tyler, my grand daughter’s husband and their child Logan. At suppertime, I got time with Martha, Nicky and Sammie as we celebrated Nicky’s 14th birthday. I get plenty of updates on these family members but there is nothing like a little face time. Getting information about someone, even direct, but not face to face communication just isn’t the same thing. Relationships really need that one-on-one time.

Isn’t that true of God? It amazes me that since all that Jesus’ death accomplished including the renting of the temple veil and the establishment of the right to enter into the holy of holies, we don’t take advantage of the privilege given children of God. Forgiveness and salvation are truly wonderful, but they are just prerequisites to the privilege of one-on-one with the Creator. God didn’t create us to be saved and forgiven. He saves and forgives us so that we can carry out the purpose of our creation, relationship with Him.

Yet I can easily number the times I have truly fully entered into His presence. Each time was life changing and glorious. I suppose our reluctance isn’t really surprising. We certainly are undeserving of the privilege. Though saved and cleansed, we are still far from perfect and deserving. The thought that the Creator loves us so much that He would make such miraculous provision, just so we could be in His presence, is completely overwhelming.

It’s certainly understandable that we feel the need to change before we can stand in His presence. It’s also incomprehensible that such change is possible ONLY in His presence. We are so like a toddler peeking into the door of His father’s study, afraid and unsure. Looking for some sign that He is aware of our presence, but fearful that we will be intruding and unwelcome. If we are brave enough to step forward such encounters always end the same. The child is greeted by a smile and a hug and eventually goes away restored, renewed, refreshed and changed.

How can we pass such an opportunity by?

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