Oh, no, I might be a tiger fan.

I think I might be becoming a LSU Tiger football fan. Such a dramatic change this late in life is disturbing. I went to Law School at the University of Florida so I’m a Florida Gator fan. I spent a couple of semesters at UL (then USL) before 12 years in the Navy so I’m a Cajun (and to a much less extent) a Navy fan.

I was born in Louisiana and have lived here since my military discharge in 1982. I have patiently endured living in a sea of purple and gold. In the past I have smiled (to my self) or even chuckled when LSU would lose. Things have changed.

First I admitted that I couldn’t pull for Satan, I mean Saban, when the Tigers face LSU tonight. That’s not really new. This time I’m really hoping LSU wins. I guess I have caught the Coach “O” fever. I suppose it’s hard not to at least inwardly hope that Fournette can “rush” his way back into Heisman trophy race. 

Frankly, it would be nice sometimes to be able to cheer along with all my tiger-loving off spring. I mean I’m never been a complete hater. I do have some tiger gear hidden way back in the dust-covered recesses of my closet, mostly gifts from well meaning, tiger loving relatives. I once went to Orlando to watch the ‘twin towers” lose in the first round of a the SEC basketball tournament only to spend the rest of the week at Walt Disney World. Ok, so that was a business trip and I had to go.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll never bleed purple and gold. I can’t picture myself fighting the mobs to tailgate in Baton Rouge or wear only LSU gear. I will at best be a secondary fan. I won’t be able to cheer for the tigers when the play Florida or, more rarely, UL. Most of my casual wear will still be vermilion or blue and orange. At my age, there is still some pleasure in shocking folks in public. There is, however,  joy in being caught up in the frenzy that sometimes surrounds but hasn’t possessed me when things look rosy at LSU. It’s certainly that kind of time now.

Let me just try it….”Goooooo Tigers.” That wasn’t so bad. At least they finally have a coach that doesn’t have an accent. God I hope they beat Alabama tonight. I wouldn’t want to have gone through this metamorphosis for nothing.

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