Packing Electrons

This morning early I began my pre-trip preparations. My wife, her sister and I are taking our grandson Nicky and granddaughter Samantha to Branson. It’s the kind of trip Rose and I have planned for years. It may be our only best shot of doing it. Nicky’s thirteen. Vacations with grand parents may not be high on his bucket list much longer. Sammy’s not far behind.

Packing emphasized something I knew but perhaps didn’t fully realize. The most important items that I dare not forget are not my underwear, socks or even my medication. The most important things to never forget are my electronics. I like to say “electrons” to show off my Navy electronics training. I’ll bring my iPhone, my iPad and my MacBook Pro. (You would think I could get some payback from Apple for this blog.) The kids will likely forget underwear and toothbrushes. Phones will not be forgotten. My wife will claim to be electron free, but the thought of her without her iPad is too frightening for me to consider. After 45 years of marriage there aren’t that many conversations we haven’t had. A quiet evening at home now includes just us (and our electrons). We do share the good posts, funny pictures and bizarre news items.

Don’t scoff at us too much. Look around. It’s not just us. Take a look in the mirror or at your latest “selfie.” Plus you will “benefit” from the presence of our electrons on this trip. We will fill Facebook with pics of us have a nauseatingly good time. Every time we hit a rest stop, a pit stop, or a night stop, we will post our location and state of relaxation.

I always seem to blog more consistently when on vacation. We know you won’t want to miss a single exciting post. Here are just some of the posts I’m planning:

“The Arkansas Louisiana Border – Why are there rednecks on both sides?”

“Hot Springs – How Hot Are These Springs?”

“Branson – Does anyone visiting here not belong to AARP?”

“Eating on Vacation – I thought we were going to cook in the Condo?”

“Home – Can’t get there fast enough”?

Are you glad we are getting a much-needed vacation? Aren’t you thrilled we won’t forget our electrons?

Be sure to stay on your electrons so you don’t miss a single, exciting episode. Life in 2015. Ain’t it great?

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